Thursday, February 08, 2007

Morning Musings!!

In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross.
Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher (1844 - 1900)

That quote right there is so true, and in one deft turn of phrase shows the inherent weakness in all of us. Man by design is weak and prone to self-aggrandizement, jealousy and a host of other vices, and the sooner we acknowledge that, the easier it is to regulate and control those impulses within us.

That is not to say that virtue is always missing within us, but to recognize that we are usually waging a protracted battle to show modesty when vanity is dragging us along, to show mercy when rage and anger are consuming us, to see the good in other when jealousy is tugging at us. Those who are best at seeing that war within themselves at a distance are the ones able to approach what could pass for inner pass. They are not saints, but striving men and women who know that the battle is most time within and not without.


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    All complicated machines and apparatus in dream are very probably genitals, in the description of which dream symbolism shows itself to be as tireless as the activity of wit.. And how did you know we were in Washington? inquired Miss Lydia.. Seemed to be a resourceful sort of chap who knew how to make money behave itself, and do its little tricks without balking in the harness.. On reviewing the dreams which we have at our disposal for answering this question, we are at once moved to add as a fourth source of the dream-wish the actual wish incitements arising during the night, such as thirst and sexual desire.. The wants of life first manifested themselves to it in the form of the great physical needs.. The caressing under cover of the tablecloth was an answer to a wooer's passionate letter.. In order to endow them with a quality, they are associated in man with verbal memories, the qualitative remnants of which suffice to draw upon them the attention of consciousness which in turn endows thought with a new mobile energy.. I made calls upon elegant ladies, and after I had enjoyed the gloss of silk and the delicacy of lace, and the flash of jewels, I slipped on my spectacles, and saw a peacock's feather, flounced and furbelowed and fluttering; or an iron rod, thin, sharp, and hard; nor could I possibly mistake the movement of the drapery for any flexibility of the thing draped,--or, mysteriously chilled, I saw a statue of perfect form, or flowing movement, it might be alabaster, or bronze, or marble,--but sadly often it was ice; and I knew that after it had shone a little, and frozen a few eyes with its despairing perfection, it could not be put away in the niches of palaces for ornament and proud family tradition, like the alabaster, or bronze, or marble statues, but would melt, and shrink, and fall coldly away in colorless and useless water, be absorbed in the earth and utterly forgotten.. He arose in a terrible passion, slouched his funnel down over his eyes, swore a vast oath, uttered a threat of some character, which I did not precisely comprehend, and finally made me a low bow and departed, wishing me, in the language of the archbishop in Gil Bias, beaucoup de bonheur et un peu plus de bon sens.. But we are aware that this refinement is seldom completely successful even in the most normal psychic life and that our thoughts ever remain accessible to falsification through the interference of the principle of pain.. For the mental processes are in themselves devoid of quality except for the excitements of pleasure and pain accompanying them, which, as we know, are to be held in check as possible disturbances of thought.. The aim, as well as the result, of the suppression is to stop the development of this pain.. My young mother and my young grandmother are very distinct figures in my memory, ministering to the old gentleman, wrapped in his dressing-gown, and seated upon the piazza.. Frederic Ingham had lost all command of himself in some of those haunts of intoxication which for fifteen years I have been laboring to destroy.. Smooth walls are men.. There was a rich widow disconsolate for the loss of her seventh husband, and to her wounded spirit I offered the balm of my vows.. Putnam's Sons, 1918).. II Good-mornin', sir.. Of late years he puts his whole Conundrums in blank--but they please him just as well.. As a very recent symbol of the male genital may be mentioned the flying machine, utilization of which is justified by its relation to flying as well as occasionally by its form...

  2. It would certainly be a simple and convenient solution of the riddle if the work of analysis made it at all possible for us to trace the meaningless and intricate dreams of adults back to the infantile type, to the realization of some intensely experienced desire of the day.. I saw in her eyes that she would ask her question...

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Now then, said Podington, take your hat, Thomas, and I'll try to drive.. One youngster made a political speech from the top of the table; another impersonated Hamlet; and finally Elder Brown was lifted into a chair, and sang a camp-meeting song.. The narrow street of business was deserted.. As I entered the room I was heated, my head was swimming with confused apprehension, my eyes must have glared.. He was always ready and laying for a chance; there couldn't be no solit'ry thing mentioned but that feller'd offer to bet on it, and take any side you please, as I was just telling you.. Abner buttoned his vest.. Lick him! Lick him! exclaimed Buller.. He praised every dish set before him, bragged to their very faces of his host and hostess, and in spite of his absences was the oftenest to sit and chat with Marann when her mother would let her go into the parlor.. 'My young friend means to eat them, I suppose,' said he with a contemptuous smile.. Brede, addressing Jacobus, Biggle, the Major and me, there is a hostelry down the street where they sell honest New Jersey beer.. We must stand by each other, whispered Abner.. He had for some time consorted with women sexually, but had then given it up because of inhibitions and now hopes to be able to take it up again with the aid of the treatment.. The analysis of obscure and intricate dreams discloses something very similar; the dream scene again pictures as realized some desire which regularly proceeds from the dream ideas, but the picture is unrecognizable, and is only cleared up in the analysis.. I reckon, said the elder, resting his hands upon his knees and bending down to the list, you may gimme sassprilla an' a little strawberry.. I cannot resolve to punish so conscientious a child, said Mrs.. I'll give you thirty for them.. At the first only eleven men were present; at the next, by force of three circulars, twenty-seven; at the third, thanks to two days' canvassing by Auchmuty and myself, begging men to come, we had sixty.. He is distinctly afraid of the analysis of the dream.. Morland, she intends asking some of her friends to meet us, in case we accept the invitation; and therefore is naturally desirous of a reply as soon as possible.. The foreman of the jury struggled to his feet.