Monday, April 04, 2005

Who Am I ?????? I am Wau Nar, B&%$%

I am glad you are here perusing my tiny corner of the vast world wide web. Here's the 411 on me!!!Sudanese native residing in the outer margins of the cesspool of international politics and intrigue: Washington DC.

This is where the destinies of the world's billions can sometimes be compromised by the whims of a few. But, alas, thats a rant for another time!!!!

Anyway, I finally decided to join these non-stop rant commune inhabited by the infamous and the self important..i.e the blogosphere.

I wanted to see how much incredible idiocy i can wring out of myself for sports, after being the voluntary recipeint of an infinite amount.

So, enjoy yourself, and trust me, you won't be any wiser after getting your daily diet of recycled wisdom from the Herbsman himself. At least I am being honest about my limitations here...


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